Sunday, May 22, 2022

Is MonkeyPox the new Covid? Film at 11:00

They're addicted now - they're never going to 
be able to let go of control...
People who contract the virus will now have to self-isolate for three weeks, Belgian health authorities have said, after three cases were recorded in the country.
 It comes as doctors have warned that the UK faces a 'significant' rise in infections and the government's response is 'critical' in containing its spread. Dr Claire Dewsnap, president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, has also said the outbreak could have a 'massive impact' on access to sexual health services in Britain. It comes as Sajid Javid yesterday revealed another 11 Britons had tested positive for the virus, taking the total to 20. 
The cases include a British child currently in a critical condition at a London hospital, while a further 100 infections have been recorded in Europe.


  1. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I'm not able to look at what is going on in this world and Not see an evil group directing traffic. The Motive is not something I quite grasp. I know about Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones , and the things I'm seeing look like they would help accomplish what they are pushing, but what does the future actually look like when they get it done? I'd like to hear the architects of this grand

  2. Interesting evidence that almost all of the "infections" are from Gay men, no?

  3. It's power for power's sake. As O'Brien explained to Smith in 1984, the Big Brother boys had no illusions about making a better society no matter the cost like Stalin or Hitler did. They wanted power, absolute control over everyone, cradle to grave, thought & deed.

    It's hard for "normal" people like us that don't want much more than the oppo to work and raise a family, maybe get in a little tennis or a vaca with the kids. The problem for us rubes is best said by that old adage, “‘The prettiest trick of the devil is to make us believe he doesn’t exist.'” Although it's getting harder & harder to ignore that there is something monstrous afoot.

    And there is.