Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Forget the Frisbee, Jack. I have another one in the car. Jack - Jack?

There's a million ways to die in Florida. That's probably one of the worst ways.

LARGO, Fla. – A man died searching for Frisbees in a lake at a suburban disc golf course in Largo, where people are warned by signs to beware of alligators, police said. The Largo Police Department said in an email Tuesday that the unidentified man was looking for discs in the water when he died and “a gator was involved.”
Police said gator trappers were called to Taylor Lake, a part of the 153-acre John S. Taylor Park in Largo, a suburb of St. Petersburg. The park’s website notes that patrons can “discover the sport of disc golf on a course set in the natural beauty of this park.” The course is set along the lake, which has no-swimming signs posted along it. Police are telling people to avoid the lake while the investigation continues. No other details have been released.
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