Monday, February 28, 2022

Covid's over - let's throw a party! (Whoa - not so fast there, Skippy)

The effort is emblematic of the city's effort to avoid a surge of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths while reviving cherished, and economically vital, Carnival events. Those events were largely silenced in 2021 after officials realized the 2020 celebration had been a 'superspreader' event that made Louisiana an early Southern hot spot for the disease, leading to a 50,000-strong infection spat and causing a handful of deaths. 
In light of the failures of the 2020 Mardi Gras event, last year's festivities were entirely virtual. The city health department said Wednesday that staff and volunteers would be parading at the head of Thursday night's Muses procession, some in the back of a pickup truck and some walking alongside, to hand out test kits.
Do republicans run that City? No - seriously. These fuckin' people can NOT let go of their little power trips.

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  1. Don't they usually get a handful of deaths from people drinking too much and from the tourists getting mugged and attacked by the local street criminals?