Tuesday, January 18, 2022

If I'm ever 'woke', just shoot me...


Lego’s attempt at being LBGTQXYZ hip has put them at odds with a designer who claims the toymaker copied his one-of-a-kind leather jacket designed for the completely fucked-up TV show "Queer Eye for the straight guy” host Antoni Porowski, according to a new lawsuit.
In a complaint filed in a Connecticut district court last month, artist James Concannon alleges that Lego “intentionally” and “painstakingly” copied a jacket that he’d created exclusively for the Fab Fiver, to be worn during filming of the Netflix series, without notice or compensation.
Rather than payment or public attribution, Lego reportedly sought to make amends by offering Conannon “a free Fab 5 Loft set - which retails for $99.99 - for his 6-year-old son to play with, only to later revoke that offer, telling him that Lego does not give away its products for free,” the suit states.
Now, Concannon is suing Lego for copyright infringement. 
I don't want to live on the same planet as these fuckin' people. Juss' sayin'...
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  1. lego just about was sunk, years ago. Auditors found out managers were making lego sets of themselves and their family's.
    The queer stuff only make sense, following crap management.


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