Tuesday, October 1, 2019

I'm constantly amazed

Before I get started let me say this about that:

Is 'The Dog' one of the biggest tools ever to be on TV (or is it me)...

Duane (Dog the Bounty Hunter) and his former cow of a wife - now permanently deceased.

What a dipshit - running around with all manners of phony pseudo-cop shit and that frikkin' hairdo. Jeezzzzzzzz.


Jessica Simpson's all growed up.


and pardon me but my head has been in a molehole for a couple 10 - 20 years, 
but who exactly is this person?

Them's easily the fakest tits on her street - wherever she lives.

So here's bad guys Deniro and Pesce and Pacino and - 
Ray Romano?

Pacino and Joey P appear to be a bit, ahhh, senile. Romano plays Romano playing a lawyer. That's my review. 

Deniro should just shut the fuck up and act. He has no more credibility as an actor or a person. He's not worth talking about.


The movie 'The Irishman' is the story of Jimmy Hoffa.

Talk about digging up an old nugget.

Here's a guy worth talking about.

Brandon Rumbaugh was a retired Marine and a double amputee by the time he was 23. He lost his left leg below the knee and his right leg up to the hip after stepping on an IED but has no issue speaking about his experiences in the Marine Corps. In fact, he wants to share his stories.

Now 28, Rumbaugh has worked as a motivational speaker for nearly five years and averages 30 to 35 events across the country every year. He will be speaking at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Thursday, Nov. 8, at 7:30 p.m. in the Nebraska Union Auditorium.

According to Rumbaugh, he expects to touch on his life before, during and after the Marine Corps, such as his attempt to help someone who stepped on a landmine and how his life changed from that point.

“I had to learn to be independent at 21 years old, starting a whole new life without either of my legs,” he said. “My life wasn’t over, but I had to find a new path.” Rumbaugh said he knew his situation was uncommon and that he’d have a difficult road ahead of him. But, he said he came to the realization that, no matter how bad of a situation he felt he was in, someone else in the world had it much worse, and he would still find a way to get through it.

“I want people to look at me and realize, ‘This guy is young and lost both of his legs,’” he said. “I want them to ask, ‘What excuses do I have for not doing something with my life?’”

He said he hopes people will leave the event feeling motivated and with a new outlook on life. He also hopes people will realize it can be therapeutic to talk about the positive and negative aspects of life. “I want people to understand you might be in a bad situation,” Rumbaugh said, “but it could be worse. And, it’s never too late to turn things around.”

Before country music star Toby Keith performed at Highmark Stadium in Pittsburgh Friday night, he had a special surprise for a local veteran.

He teamed up with The Independence Fund, which is a nonprofit that helps wounded veterans, to give Brandon Rumbaugh a $16,000 all-terrain wheelchair.

Toby's a pretty down-to-earth cool dude.


Joe Pesci in a nutshell.

Me and him grew up in the same neighborhood even though's he's 10 years older than me. When I was in High School he was working as a barber at his uncle's (I think) barber shop on Bloomfield Avenue. Since I went to a catholic high school we couldn't let our hair grow so Joey usta cut my hair. 

He and Frankie Vincent, another guy from my neighborhood, used to have a comedy duo and they'd perform in bars around my area. Joey P was a funny guy back then. Anyway, the best work he's done on film - BY FAR - was in 

My Cousin Vinnie.

plus he got to act with HER:

I'm in love with this girl and she doesn't even know it.

Let's get it started.

You should know I am NOT a fan of the NFL. 

I'm a baseball guy through and through.

And a life-long Yankees Fan so shut up and play ball.


First in a series:


Lendin' a hand (make that Paws) when the goin' gets tuff.


  1. My 'WTF" vote is for "Dog', who the fk wears their 'Kewl Daddy Sunglasses' above their eyebrows? Nobody but Dog, He's a strange one.

  2. I wonder if 'Dogs" next gig is as an animated cartoon "Dog the Bounty Hunter". Apropo!

  3. Getting your hair cut by Joe Pesci might be the next best thing to being touched by God.


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