Thursday, May 23, 2024

Is it just that the people are scumbags - or was Shakespeare right all along?

It seems - at least to me - that everybody these days is looking for 
some kinda quick-money scam. All ya need is a stupid idea and a dirtbag lawyer, and BANG - instant payout. In this case, the Hershey's company is under legal fire due to allegations that its Reese's Peanut Butter brand engaged in false advertising practices. 
A Florida woman, Cynthia Kelly, made a $2 candy bar purchase at a QuickieMart that resulted in her calling her cousin the sheister, finding two more dirtbags to go along, and filing a $5 million 'class action' suit. 
Kelly claims that Reese's misrepresented its products when the presentation of the candy on the packaging did not match the actual candy inside the wrapper.
Is it really deceptive advertising as theyclaim in the suit? Nah - it's just a bunch of jerkoffs looking for an easy payday. 
Truth be told, people that do this shit have no class at all.  
Somebody needs to get bitch-slapped. Juss' sayin'...

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  1. When the lawsuit is finally tossed, the pettifogger that brought the suit on behalf of the greedy bimbo, should be disbarred.


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