Tuesday, May 21, 2024

" I told you NOT to take pictures of my kids, buddy...'

The man killed Sunday was identified as Dale Chorman of Homer, said Austin McDaniel, a spokesperson for the Alaska Department of Public Safety. The female moose had recently given birth to the calves in Homer. “As they were walking through the brush looking for the moose, that’s when the cow moose attacked Dale,” McDaniel said.
Medics pronounced Chorman dead at the scene. The cow moose left the area, Alaska State Troopers said in an online post. In 1995, a moose stomped a 71-year-old man to death when he was trying to enter a building on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage.

 Witnesses said students had been throwing snowballs and harassing the moose and its calf for hours, and the animals were agitated when the man tried to walk past them.


  1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes....

  2. When we were in Banff in Canada a few summers ago we were stopped in a "traffic jam" on a two lane road because there was a Black Bear with a couple of cubs beside the road. There was a Chinese tourist who was trying to get very close to the cubs to take a picture with her phone. Sadly, apparently she wasn't eaten, but at the time, I wouldn't have bet money against that.

  3. I saw moose up fairly close in Yellowstone in 1981. Their size was intimidating so I was not tempted to sneak closer to prove I was stupid.


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