Sunday, May 26, 2024

A not-so-subtle reminder of what Memorial Day really is about...


  1. yep. GOD bless those who gave all, and those who lost them.

  2. yeah. my dad is buried at Arlington. the Navy did him right with full honors and all the trimming. they put Mom up for the night at the Wainwright (?) house and free diner. there where 2 naval officers to "help" with things. anyway. that is where we found out dad had 2 navy crosses for valor. knew about one of them. as he called "stupid fucking medal " and like 16 or so battle stars. weird was the fact that my brother and 2 brothers in law where there in army green. I wore a suit as I had no idea where my shit was. one of them asked me why no navy guys ? I told the officer that my dad always called the navy " the fucking navy" as they dragged his ass back in for Korea for another couple of years.
    the officer said to me, with all the medals my dad had, he could call it whatever he wanted too.
    dad never made a big thing about it. he went on with his life afterwards. but a asshole found out real fast he wasn't someone to fuck with if it came to that. miss him. dave in pa.

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