Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Welcome to America. Now, go to your corners and come out fighting...

The cops couldn't figure out which ones were the Sharks and who were the Jets, so they let them beat the crap outta each other. I betcha not a single one off them will spend a night in the slammer. 
That's how fucked up things are in New York City.

The Post reported today that a mob of rowdy migrants got into an all-out brawl outside a Midtown hotel, swinging sticks, belts and even traffic cones during the violent, broad-daylight melee.
At least a dozen asylum seekers squared off Sunday afternoon outside The Row hotel on Eighth Avenue, with one out-of-control migrant seen swinging a bat menacingly at the mob before one of the combatants is taken to the ground and pummeled by four others. Welcome to America...

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  1. I bet you that Orange Man Bad caused them to do this: easy headline for the 'media'.

  2. Ok...hear me out...
    Illegal Alien Battle Royale
    Last man standing moves on to round 2 of the competition
    All other gotta go

  3. "Warriors, come out to play!"


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