Friday, April 12, 2024

Uncle Joe flips the bird - again - at SCOTUS and all of us...

'How to buy the votes of idiots 101' as taught by the Mumbler-in-chief himself. How fuckin' shamefull and blatant a move is this? 
The Daily Mail reported - along with many other news sources - that the White House announced it is wiping out another $7.4 billion in student loan debt for 277,000 borrowers, bringing the total student loan debt canceled under the Biden administration to $153 billion since President Biden took office. The latest round of borrowers who will see their student loan debt forgiven will receive emails informing them of the move on Friday. It comes after President Biden unveiled his latest large-scale effort to cancel student loan debt on Monday which, when combined with other efforts, would impact some 30 million borrowers after his original plan to cancel up to $20,000 in debt per borrower was blocked by the Supreme Court last year. 

It's tragic what an absolute disregard he has for your 
hard-earned dollars. Where's my 'relief' dooshbag?


  1. We paid for almost all of both our kids college as they went.

    Will there be reimbursements or I am I gonna be paying for college again?

  2. If these people don't know what taking out a loan means, maybe college isn't for them...

  3. So can I get my college fees refunded. How about my daughters tuition that I paid for. How about my granddaughters tuition? I have two other grandkids starting in a year, both top students. I was planning to pay for them but maybe I will simply tell them to charge it to the taxpayers.
    BTW, why should we have to pay for the tuition of "students" who dropped out of, or got an incomplete, in a class. I know that like high school, they probably wouldnt actually fail someone simply for not ever showing up for class or doing the assignments or even taking the tests. Simple common sense would say, "if you are not responsible enough to put in enough effort to get a C, the taxpayers arent paying for it. That's on you pal."
    Of course, that said, the colleges would simply change their grade from I or F to B or C.

  4. The real question is how can we punish Biden once he's out of office for doing this low shady sh*t. He needs to be stripped of all of his ill-gotten gains while in government service, which would effectively bankrupt him. Then he needs to denied any sort of public pension, support, or assistance.

    He needs to spend the rest of his miserable life under an underpass somewhere, wearing a cardboard box and chained to Jill, wearing used Depends.

  5. Buying votes is spensive bidness.

  6. I didn't go to college....instead, I used what credit I had to buy the equipment I needed to start my i get that back, too?.....I mean, if we are going to pay for these low life elites college, shouldn't we also pay for the investment the rest of us put into business?...


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