Wednesday, April 24, 2024

They're so brave, these commie assholes. That's why they hide their faces...

 No one has the balls to go against these jerkoffs. 
It really is the 'pussification' of America...
The cops arrest them and the DA has them released without charges. 
The College President refuses to call their bluff and kick their asses off the campus. Everyone one of these protest-ants is being funded and supported by someone - Soros maybe? And what - beside the destruction of this country - is his agenda? Your grandchildren are gonna grow up in a nation of fuckin' pansies. Good luck to them. Juss' saying'...
And for the record - that screen cap (altered by me of course) is courtesy of It's another sad state of affairs when our own news media won't present stories showing the true colors and facts of the events surrounding us.


  1. Every single Jewish student should GTF out of thate Communist indoctrination center, and in the future not one Jewish person should ever attend again. Every single Jewish alum should never ever contribute another dime. For that matter, any sane student, Jewish or not, should get out of there, and likewise every sane alum should shut them off. It is nothing but a haven for Nazi's. There are still plenty of Anything for a Buck Chuck Schumer supporters out there to keep it afloat.

  2. Time to end going to college. The Return on Investment (ROI) is not there. Send you kid to Trade School as max cost is half a year of college and in 5 years they will earn more than they would going to college.

  3. Calling out the National Guard? I feel another Kent State brewing.

  4. I never interrupt my enemies when they are busy fighting one another. - H/T to Sun Tzu


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