Monday, April 22, 2024

Lunchtime climate change insignifica...

The European Court of Human Rights's ruling, in favour of the more than 2,000 Swiss women who brought the case, is expected to resonate in court decisions across Europe and beyond, and to embolden more communities to bring climate cases against governments. Something to look forward to.
Find more about these wonderful women here.

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  1. Sorry, "elderly ladies", that ain't global warming...that's hot flashes.
    You know...menopause

  2. yep, the human race is most likely lost. the powers that be want us dead, Covid was a test run. prepare accordingly, food water and shelter. sustainability with gardens and other food stored and clean water sources if possible. if you can do this you will sleep better at night, it's like having insurance. i hope I'm wrong but i don't see us making it until 2025 without some major problems and takedowns of our basic freedoms. go off grid and become the grey man.
    it's really not looking good for the home team now IMO.


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