Monday, April 15, 2024

Killing the goose - Stoner-style...

News services are reporting that delivery drivers and other workers at the US’s largest cannabis-delivery company are threatening to strike in what would likely be the biggest work stoppage to hit the cannabis industry. Nearly 600 workers at 11 depot locations owned by Eaze, a cannabis-delivery company in southern and northern California, are threatening to strike over pay and conditions.

Eaze, founded in 2014 in San Francisco with millions of dollars in venture-backed funding, including from Snoop Dogg, has been characterized as the “Uber of weed”. The privately held company was valued at more than $700m in 2021.


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  1. there is always Mill st and MLK drive., naturally grown in the foothills of California, and yea its organic, it;s been pissed on by rabbits, coyotes, mexicans and deer. its the best and way cheaper. just go to the source.
    i wonder what one one of those big sacks would go for coming just across the border. HMMM


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