Friday, April 12, 2024

Here's another gift of a sexy HillBetty from our friends at Twisted Hillbilly...

She may or may not be a porn actress. 
Do we care?


  1. I love her with or without the title.

  2. Things get worse every day the California legislature is in session.

  3. I know about tinnitus - have suffered since my 20s with it - and, no, I wasn't in the habit of attending rock concerts nor working in noisy places. The meds thing may have been a factor - I'd used aspirin for persistent headaches, and, later, joint pain.
    I manage. The biggest issue is people who get exasperated when I ask them to repeat themselves - hey, it's a bigger inconvenience for me than YOU! Husband is slightly better lately; he's been turning down TV/media when trying to talk to me. Still tries to start a conversation with his back turned. You'd think I wouldn't need to remind him.


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