Wednesday, April 24, 2024

And then ya got this smug little bitch...

This little primaDonna is getting her comeuppances in spades. 
It's frightening to think this arrogant little piece of shit has a voice, but within her own generation, evidently she does - or thinks she does. So much so that she was even featured on the cover of Teen Vogue back in 2020.
Here she is in the same magazine again bitching about how poor and down-trodden she is now that she got herself thown out of her elitist college for being a fuckin' loudmouth about shit she doesn't even understand. 
Good on ya, bitch. Maybe now you'll learn to grow up and shut up. 
One can only hope.


  1. Have you ever seen a more punchable face?

  2. Yeah, she doesn't have mom's unlimited credit card that never bills...

  3. And those $90k per year are on US taxpayers?

  4. pity. maybe you can go back to somalia and take you mom with you

    1. She should look on this as training for returning to her roots. All she needs now is a brother...

  5. Maybe now she'll learn to grow up and shut up? You're kidding right? She's her mama's daughter and will most likely run for public office in Somalia-sota running on the Death to America card.

  6. With any luck she'll starve to death in a gutter shortly.

  7. she will never change. and in her mind, she is right about everything and there is nothing you can do or say to change her mind. and people who think they are right with God and sure of their ideas are a real danger to the world.
    she and the people like her would put people who did not think like her up against the wall to be shot and sleep well that night afterwards too. history has shown us that time and again and still people do not see the danger of people like her.

  8. When even your mother doesn't know if your uncle is also your father or your step-father.

  9. Free one way trip to Somalia, the one in Africa not the one just west of Wisconsin.


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