Thursday, April 18, 2024

28 idiots who used to have good jobs...

Doesn't it give you a little tiny douche chill when you read something like this? I'm sure every one of these morons thought they were on high moral ground masking their faces and acting like spoiled-brat whiney little morons?
Google has fired 28 employees over their participation in a 10-hour sit-in at the search giant’s offices in New York and Sunnyvale, California, to protest the company’s business ties with the Israel government. 

The pro-Palestinian staffers — who wore traditional Arab headscarves as they stormed and occupied the office of a top executive in California on Tuesday — were terminated late Wednesday after an internal investigation, Google vice president of global security Chris Rackow said in a companywide memo.
“They took over office spaces, defaced our property, and physically impeded the work of other Googlers,” Rackow wrote in the memo obtained by The Post. “Their behavior was unacceptable, extremely disruptive, and made co-workers feel threatened.”


  1. It warms the cockles of me old heart, it does.

  2. It'd have been better if they had shot them for trespass and riot but firing them is okay.

  3. I guess Google is trying to avoid being called Bad Winners. I Googled
    28 idiots who used to have good jobs
    expecting to see that.
    Maybe they fired the ones who would have gotten that included, I'm sure they are All All about Including,,
    A non-fatal FAFO is still fun to hear about.

  4. First thing said to us in survival school: "You don't shit where you eat."


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