Monday, March 4, 2024

Here's your 'Dammit it's Monday night' HillBetty from our friends at Twisted Hillbilly.


There are four more pairs of the Celtic
 earrings available but now 13 people
 have them 'in their carts', 
and the clock is ticking...
That means 13 people are planning on buying them, 
but for now there are still four pairs available, so if you 
like them, pull the trigger and grab a pair.
Click on the picture for more information on these unique hand-made earrings.
They're only $ 20.00 and that includes free shipping!


  1. That darling young HillBetty is one fine looking filly.


  2. Somebody's next ex wife? know what they matter how hot they look, somewhere, there's a guy who's tired of her shit....sides'. like my Grandma said, "Passion fades, but good cookin' lasts forever"...


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