Saturday, February 24, 2024

Thinking of moving to Florida? Get in line, Bucko...

According to News6, Fewer Americans moved in 2022, according to the latest census data, but of those who did, 1 in 5 moved to a different state.
Population growth has returned to pre-pandemic norms; Southern states continued to record influxes in population, while the Northeast saw the biggest drops, particularly in New York and Pennsylvania. These trends largely continued into last year, according to United Van Lines' annual movers study. States with the most inbound moves in 2023 were Vermont, Washington D.C., South Carolina, and Arkansas, which moved up 14 spots from the year before.

New York, California and New Jersey were the top three states people were beating feet to get out of. The full list with actual numbers is here.


  1. Almost 13 years ago I bought a getaway place in eastern Washington while living in Seattle. About a year and a half ago I sold out of Seattle after 34 years and moved here permanently. Sad, in that Seattle was such a great place to live until the last decade or so. As Beavis said, "If you're from Seattle, you're automatically cool!" Used to be, Beav. Not so much anymore.

    I retired in March last year and love living here in the desert - quite a change from The Emerald City. There are a lot of west side folks moving here, especially retirees and distance workers. I worked from home for the last few years so living here and working for the local airplane company was simple.

    Not everyone wants to move way far off, but the mini-migration is real. One day, perhaps sooner than later, eastern Oregon might break off and join Idaho. That is under consideration east of the Cascades. Eastern Washington has similar rumblings. Gonna keep my feet frosty, head-up, sniffing the air. Never know what might transpire.

  2. Me and my wife are from California and we both were born late 50s. We met in college and had our two sons in NorCal in the 80s, but ended up moving to Northern VA due to business moving me. It was a good move as California has been ruined by the Dems and the massive amount of people that doubled the number in the state.

  3. In the mid 90's I bought a condo at Crescent Beach just south of St. Augustine. I put it on the rental program and it took 2 years before it paid for itself. For the first 18 years I put any profit back into paying off the loan I had on it. From 2014 on I have made about $10k profit on it. The plan was to sell the house in NE Atlanta and stay in the condo to purchase a house or property inland from St. Augustine. For what we sold the house in NE Atlanta and what we can sell the condo on the beach I cannot afford a place that would maintain my current standard of living. Quality property in Florida is way overpriced. I still have the condo in Crescent Beach but I bought a house in SE Georgia. I can't afford Florida unless I move to the tweaker zone in Stark to Gainesville.


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