Thursday, February 22, 2024

The first cross-country car trip had to be nuts. Where did they get the gas? There were no gas stations...

Horatio Nelson Jackson (no relation) was an
American physician and automobile pioneer.
In 1903, he and driving partner Sewall K. Crocker - and his pet Pitbull - became the first people to drive an automobile across the United States. There's a nice little blip from a Ken Burns documentary on this web page that mention's Jackson's journey. Take a look:

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  1. They could burn alcohol, y'know...

  2. Actually, the few cars there were in those days ran on kerosene, which was readily available in hardware stores. The first cross country auto was fueled by kerosene. You can still buy kerosene in Walmart and other stores. Several years ago there was a gasoline station in Dubois, PA, on I-80, that had a kerosene pump, as well as the usual diesel and gasoline pumps.


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