Monday, February 12, 2024

SNOWMAGEDDON is NOT a real word, so why do they use it?

News sources use hyperbole and made-up words to entice you into reading/buying their content. Case in point? This one: 
The Big Apple's Mayor Eric Adams has warned that up to eight inches of snow is expected in the city - and schools have been moved to remote learning for Tuesday. 

It comes after New Yorkers enjoyed comparatively balmy weather over the weekend, and forecasters warn there's now a chance of a bombogenesis - a cold blast which occurs when cold air mass collides with warm molecules.


  1. It's that Global Warming stuff.

  2. regular words just can not properly describe the care and fear they experience for you. In reality it is hype of extra ordinary proportions intentionally designed to panic anyone watching. Fear sells , if it bleeds then it leads. Their only problem is that their terrible predictions have never come true in their over a century of panic. A this point they have cried wolf to the point even the wolf is doubting if it is real...


Every guy has had at least one...