Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Now they'r re-inventing welfare for the friggin' illlegals - with YOUR money...

I bet it would cost a boatload less money to just ship 'em all back to wherever the fuck they came from in the first place. These Dems are jerkoffs, and they're jerking off with your money - at least it's yours if you live where these jugheads are in charge. 
Read what the Post reported this morning about this.


  1. Deportation is a one time cost. Permanent dependency lasts FOREVER...not to mention the stolen elections, altered "representation" (can you say Somali parasites), etc.

  2. Juan and Maria borrow their friends 4 kids and get processed as a family of 6. Josue and Juanita then borrow the same 4 kids to get processed as a family of 6. Rinse and repeat a dozen times. This is how thousands of illegal kids go missing.


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