Wednesday, February 28, 2024

How dare you call me 'sir, ma'am...

So - seriously, who votes for these fuckin'people in the first place? Anyway, the he/she got pissed off and 'stormed' out of the chambers when he/she was called 'sir'. 
How dare they, these inconsiderate Republicans mis-genderficate 'them'?
The article is here:


  1. Maybe if these clowns wore a sign around their necks saying "Call me Xxxxxxxx" they wouldn't get so put off. The rest of us re not telepaths, nor do we have a directory of whose gender dysphoria is what on any given day.

  2. Unless something more has come out, I wouldn't call what Winsome Sears said an apology. And I would urge that she not. Apologies to the likes of those people gains you nothing. It's like cutting yourself in shark-infested waters.

    1. She said "I apologize" three times. Not that she "should" have done. Not that she had anything to apologize for--what she said was clearly the generic "yes SIR" where "Sir" is more an intensifier than a reference to a specific person, anyway! But it's so archetypally appropriate. A real lady condescends, in the better sense of the world, and apologizes to her natural show how inferior they are.

      Priscilla King

  3. A more appropriate remark would have been "Danica, lighten the fuck up."

  4. Why apologize? He's a MAN (sort of).

  5. She Didn't Misgender him. He's Misgendering himself. Being henpecked into agreeing with delusion isn't right..

  6. Seems the LT Gov said the right thing.

  7. "Pretend I'm from Missouri and show me..."


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