Monday, December 11, 2023

Life on Planet X (formerly known as the TwitPlace)...

 I don't Twit very often and today I checked my 'notifications'. Every one of these are bullshit accounts.

Every one is a troll account with a picture of a 
girl with big tits. And that's all in ONE day. 
What do you suppose these jerkoffs are trying to 
get with this shit? The internet shops in Kenya 
must be pretty busy tese days...


  1. Fake big tits? The left will go berserk accusing Musk of publishing fake news.

  2. Theyre just fishing, if you follow them back they will DM you a link to their Fans Only page or try to sell you crypto investment BS.

  3. And people who actually follow you, who are looking for your tweets as you are for theirs, have to go to your home page to see your tweets. Going to the home pages of 300-400 people, most of whom haven't used X in the last week (or month, or year) anyway, is a sorry substitute for the original Twitter home page. That's why I use X the same way the people whose tweets show up in the feed do, these days--like a total jerk! Spew up an ad and run, no attempt to socialize or connect or use X as more than another useless TV channel...the original site had so much potential, and the current version is so pathetic!