Wednesday, December 6, 2023

From the brilliantly twisted mind of Cris Shapan...


Is the woman you love a cat lover?
She'd probably love to find something
 like these under the tree...

Here's your chance to show her you know all about it.
Click on the picture above for information on these earrings. 
They're only $18.00 with free shipping.  You can find something nice for 
your Mom, your wife, your daughter or your girlfriend right here: 

1 comment:

  1. Little Glendoreena's mom must have ingested large amounts of Cadmium. Shapan is hilarious. BTW, People can recover from acute cadmium poisoning by ingestion and experience no long-term side effects.

    However, in cases where a person ingests a high enough amount of cadmium, they may experience gastrointestinal bleeding, necrosis (tissue death) of the liver and kidneys, heart problems, and metabolic acidosis.
    OK, I cut and pasted.