Monday, November 20, 2023

Makes me want to rethink flying anywhere for a while - especially over there...

There have been over 50 recent reports of frightening cyberattacks that have altered planes’ in-flight GPS, leading to what experts described as “critical navigation failures” onboard the aircraft. More frightening still, industry leaders thought that this type of hacking was not possible and are at a loss over how to fix the now glaring security failure. Since late August, they have been observed throughout the Middle East, particularly over Israel, neighboring Egypt, and Iraq.
In September, the FAA issued a warning on the “safety of flight risk to civil aviation operations” over the spate of attacks, according to OpsGroup, an international collection of pilots and technicians who first brought attention to the terror.
The attack, called GPS spoofing — when a navigation system is given counterfeit coordinates — isn’t new and applies to all modes of transportation. Ten years ago, a group of college students at the University of Texas bragged that they moved an $80M yacht off its course as a school project. In 2015, a security researcher also hacked a United Airlines flight and modified its course as a warning over security flaws.
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  1. After the pilot dyeing problem, the cheap uncertified parts problem and now this getting lost problem, you wont find me lining up for this stupid.

  2. Add in the Air Traffic Controller issue of being no longer based on intelligence I do not plan to fly.

  3. Note this is happening above a war zone or near a major terrorist hub. With GPS used to navigate drones this kind of protection is an obvious step.

  4. In all the years I fished offshore I never had a GPS, I used a compass & an am radio directional finder. Never got lost. If you can't use a compass you're already lost.


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