Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The weaponisation of the Justice Department will be the end of us all...

In the sweeping antitrust lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission and a bipartisan group of state attorneys general paint Amazon as a monopolist that suffocates competitors and raises costs for both sellers and shoppers.
The FTC, tasked with protecting U.S. consumers and market competition, argues that Amazon punishes sellers for offering lower prices elsewhere on the internet and pressures them into paying for Amazon's delivery network. "Amazon is a monopolist and it is exploiting its monopolies in ways that leave shoppers and sellers paying more for worse service," FTC Chair Lina Khan told reporters on Tuesday.

Here's the rest of the article. This just doesn't seem to be in OUR best interest, does it:


  1. I look for things on Amazon but turn around and try to buy locally or directly from the manufacturer. Most of the time the item is marked up 25% to 30% on Amazon.

  2. Yep. The monopolists in the government, a monopoly all by itself, has problems with monopolist companies?
    I guess members of congress want larger (re)election 'contributions'.

  3. if they want to break monopolies they can start with the meat packers. Three packers control ninety percent of the meat. Then there is Wally World taking out the mom and pop stores. Add in massive grocery chains while they're at it.


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