Monday, September 25, 2023

Like tourist attractions? You'll hate this list...

If strolling down the Hollywood Walk of Fame is on your bucket list, you might wanna think again, because the popular hotspot running through the heart of Los Angeles has actually been ranked as the world's worst tourist attraction. Luggage storage network Stasher analyzed a whole host of factors - including Google reviews, quality of local accommodation and tourist safety - to reveal which sights to steer clear of on your next vacation. The famous boulevard is far from alone as dozens of other attractions have left visitors underwhelmed.

There's a full article well worth reading with pics and charts here:


  1. Interesting -- the Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park is on the list-- yet it is consistently the most visited national park in this country
    I see a disconnect in the logic

  2. I'm surprised that Schloss Neuschwanstein is on that list. We visited it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. As an added bonus, two scenes from 'The Great Escape' were filmed in the village below it.

  3. Agra itself is kind of a pit, but, the Taj Mahal is truly spectacular .

  4. One of the criteria is 'distance from an airport', so I'm going to be my usual skeptical self here.