Thursday, September 21, 2023

California - where mean-spirited stupidity is the order of the day... - The 135-page legal complaint, filed through the office of California Attorney General Rob Bonta in San Francisco superior court, alleges that five big oil companies along with the American Petroleum Institute, a trade organization that represents them, orchestrated a decadeslong disinformation campaign to hide the correlation between fossil fuel production and climate change.
The state claims that this intentional cover-up has gone on since at least the 1970s and has delayed the public’s response to climate change, exacerbating extreme natural disasters and incurring tens of billions of dollars in recovery costs.
The oil companies named as defendants are BP, Chevron,, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, and Shell. The state is seeking an abatement fund paid for by the defendants that will finance recovery efforts for the future damage of human-caused climate change. It also asks that the oil companies and their trade group pay a share of the damages from extreme weather disasters worsened by climate change. It’s the latest in a slew of climate litigation against oil companies in cities nationwide. 

All of this while they're driving in limos, flying in private jets 
and buying shit that comes wrapped in plastic. 
I swear to god you cannot make this shit up.


  1. It is the state of California that is deceiving the public about climate change. They better watch out what arguments they make in court, because someday those same arguments will come back to bite them.


  2. Easy-peasy -- just stop selling products in the state --Yes it will initially cost the companies, but the public outrage will be deafening

  3. very few people walk in that state. so. stop selling gas and oil there. the public will demand the return of gas and oil as soon as it runs out. went there once in 1981. place looked like a zoo. left and never went back. dave in pa.

  4. just extortion pure and simple by the government no less. Pay for future damages? i assume they will use an ouija board to determine what was damaged. damn these people their greed knows no limit. matched only by their incompetance,

  5. Not to worry. Gas will only go up a dollar or two a gallon just in case. If the case is thrown out the oil companies will have a couple extra hundred million dollars under the mattress. If they lose, they'll have to give up some of that mattress moolah. Oh darn. Most voters don't care as long as the gummit sticks it to big oil. Yes. 51% of the California voters are that stupid.

  6. Me and my family was from California but business moved me to the east coast. Many of my relatives still live in the state but many have moved. The oil companies should hold a joint news conference and announce "that due to the State's Climate Lawsuit we are shutting all energy action in the state and that means we will shut down in the next week all refineries, fuel and energy deliveries, and anything that will add fossil fuels to the state."

    Immediately see what the affect to the people and the state as they have everything shut off within one to two weeks. No plane trips, no semis, no cars, and less power to various areas. The state loses tax revenue and people start riots. The Lawsuits end quickly as will the politicians.