Saturday, September 30, 2023

Are new battle lines being drawn? Hannity may have the answer when they debate on November 30th...

One is a liberal oasis, where gas is taxed heavily and the proceeds spent on green energy projects. The other is run by a governor who has gone to war with Disney and is denounced by opponents as a fascist. So where would Americans rather live: Gavin Newsom's California or Ron DeSantis' Florida? 
The answer is Florida, according to an exclusive poll for (find that article here: ), giving an insight into what the 2024 election might look like if the two major parties changed course and opted to nominate a younger generation of leader.
Even NBC news chimed in on the subject the other day:


  1. There is a slight misinterpretation here.
    Kalifornians want to live in Florida with as single objective the destruction of that state, because OF COURSE, the problems in Kalifornia had absolutely NOTHING to do with their voting habits.

  2. I have a cottage on the side of a mountain near Sylva NC, a condo on the beach just south of St Augustine, and a house in NE Atlanta. I can sell all three and I cannot buy a place near as nice as the NC or Atlanta house in the St. Augustine area.

  3. Way too much humidity for me to live there permanently.
    Did three months in 1970, from August to early November, all the cooler months. Should have known it was training for when you go to WESTPAC. Lots of humidity in all those countries we visited.


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