Monday, September 18, 2023

Archie is adulterated. But Betty and Veronica are REALLY confusing...

These obviously aren't the Archie and Betty and Veronica that we remember reaing as kids. Did you know they made Betty and Ronnie dykes on TV. Yup - on the show 'Riverdale'. How fucked up is that?
That's Betty and Ronnie sucking face in the hallway at Riverdale High. 
In the hallway at Riverdale fuckin' High School. In the fuckin' hallway. In front of other kids. 
What kind of left-handed bullshit are these Hollywood jerkoffs foisting on your kids and grandkids? And you wonder why kids today are as fucked up in their heads as they are? Jeez...

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  1. So they made a live action drama out of the Archie comix ? Geez like the cartoons in the 70 werent lame enough. hopefully the writers and actors strike will continue so we dont have more of this junk spewing forth polluting the airwaves


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