Friday, June 30, 2023

Where I am on this 'Climate change' bullshit, just in case you haven't figured it out yet...

Ya know, I really do get a kick outta all these alarmist jerkoffs doing all these bullshit studies tying everything that they want you to think is fucked up to 'climate change'. It's is such a crock of shit.
First and foremost is this one. You gonna tell me that somehow - all of a sudden - people in India are beating the shit out of each other just because it's hot? 
Fuck - it's been hot there forever, and they been beating the shit out of each other since God knows when. Rednecks here in the south, Irish and Italians up in Jersey, Arabs out in the desert, Africans pretty much everywhere over there - they've all been beating the crap outta each other when it get's hot. So what? WTF is new here? 

Oh - they got a chance to throw 'climate change' in to the equation. Here's a great way for all of them to change the climate. Take your studies and shove 'em up your asses. But seriously, thanks for giving us more ammo to prove how fullashit y'all are...

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  1. yup. send us money and let us decide how you live and all will be well. total bull shit.


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