Saturday, June 3, 2023

Soft on crime DA's and judges will destroy this country as we've known it. Shoplifting - always a problem - is now out of control...

Via NY Post - The shoplifting crisis plaguing the nation has become so bad that fed-up shoppers are now struggling to get their hands on even the most basic essentials — which are increasingly being stashed away under heavy lock-and-key.
A $3.99 can of the cheap meat Spam was protected in plastic, anti-theft cases at a Duane Reade in Manhattan’s Port Authority last summer — and now even a lousy tin of tuna at half the price is getting the same treatment at one of the chain’s stores in Penn Station under Madison Square Garden.
The Post visited a handful of shops in the Big Apple on Friday to find a slew of low-priced items — including Dawn dishwashing liquid ($2.19), Vaseline lip balm ($2.79), kids toothbrushes ($3.99), Cadbury chocolate ($3.99) and the $1.79 can of tuna — locked in cabinets that require customers to ring a bell and then wait for employees to eventually get them.


  1. Stores will soon be vending machine option or you pre-order, pay and pick-up. The Amazon Go store model.

  2. Way back in the day, stores had items on shelves behind the counter and the clerk gathered them as you asked for them. We have almost come full circle.