Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Dylan's gonna try 'her' hand at stand-up comedy. This should be interesting. I wonder if 'she' will be making Bud Light jokes...

Mulvaney, 26, opened up to them magazine (left), saying she prefers not to name her critics 'because it gives them the satisfaction of believing they're on my mind. "It shows my followers that I'm standing up for myself, but also pushes that their narrative is loud enough to matter." 
It is the first time the 'transgender influencer' has broken her silence on the disastrous marketing ploy which saw the company shed $27billion since the backlash. 

Kid Rock opened fire on several cans of the beverage while wearing a MAGA hat, which then led to a boycott of the brand, which has seen sales dip 24 percent in the past few months.


  1. Please refer to Dylan correctly as He/him. Do not be as sick as him and refer to him as female. And Chris Rock supported AB by buying what he shot up. What a dipshit.

  2. She? Her? Give me a freaking break.

  3. Come on guys. you know that is his preferred pronoun. LOL

  4. please no more picture if you please of IT. no more.

  5. If he can get pregnant & squeeze a 6 lb. infant through his peehole, I'll definitely give him credit for that.
    Still not going to call him her.


  6. First off, this is the sex, not gender - they are different - version of blackface. And, if you knew an actual 26 year old woman who dressed up in little girlie clothes, pranced around like a child, squeaking and squealing like a toddler, you would, as a caring person, be very concerned about her mental state. But, a 26 year old man doing the same is brave, heroic, wonderful, courageous. Hmmm, I think those words do not mean what they think those words mean.