Saturday, April 29, 2023

How long will Happy Hour last at THIS joint?

An Indiana bar is begging for civility after vowing to kick paying 
customers out for trashing Bud Light for its promoting transgenderism with a social media ad sponsored by Dylan Mulvaney, a former gay man who now dresses as a woman.
Fairfax Bar & Grill in Bloomington, Indiana, immediately got behind Bud Light and Mulvaney following backlash. Bar owners went as far as to state that they would kick paying customers out of their business if they trashed Bud Light and Mulvaney.

I'm sure this will work out just fine...


  1. Damn. And that's the only place you can get a beer in Bloomington too. (eye roll)

  2. You can put lipstick on a man... but it's still a man

  3. It's not in Bloomington. Somewhere near Lake Monroe, maybe 15-20 miles away. I doubt they see two people a night that actually live in Bloomington. Flat-out middle of nowhere, and I'd bet 80% or more of the customers are conservative. Current owners likely had zero understanding of their clientele, and are now finding out....


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