Friday, March 24, 2023

Who doesn't like hanging out in a Tiki Bar?

In case you were wondering where the idea for the 'Tiki Bar' comes from, here's the real skinny...   

Don the Beachcomber, born Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, 
was the 'inventor' of tiki restaurants, bars and nightclubs. 
He was a bootlegger during Prohibition and when it ended, 
he opened the first 'tiki' bar, gambling that in those Depression years diners would enjoy spending a few hours in a South Seas fantasy world, amid tiki carvings, thatched roofs, bamboo furniture and rain falling on the roof. 
The many so-called “Polynesian” restaurants and pubs that enjoyed great popularity are directly descended from Don’s Beachcomber CafĂ© in Hollywood in the 1930s. Hugh Hefner, Marlon Brando and Fred Astaire were all regulars.

There's a great article online about the place here:


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