Sunday, March 26, 2023

This guy'll be broke in five years or less. Wait 'till he discovers Vegas...

New York Post - The winner of the $2 billion California Powerball, Edwin Castro, has purchased a $4 million California mansion after dropping $25.5 million on a lavish Hollywood Hills estate earlier this month.
The 30-year-old claimed the winning ticket last month and received a one-time lump sum payment of $997.6 million. Castro quickly purchased the sprawling bachelor pad, coined as an “entertainer’s dream,” as it includes a game room, wine cellar, movie theater, bar and a luxury fitness studio.
The California native recently upped his real-estate portfolio once again, purchasing a $4 million mansion in his hometown of Altadena — a short distance from the gas station where he purchased his winning Powerball payday.


  1. Nope, I would have a east Florida house on the beach just south of St. Augustine with a Jeep in the garage with beech access permit. I would also have a house in Western North Carolina that was a hour or less from all the attractions.

  2. Historically, people who come into money without actually earning it lack the necessary skills to keep that money.
    Most lottery winners squander their good fortune and end up bankrupt. The few who don't are generally people who were already successful to some degree and knowledgeable about business and money. It appears this young man belongs to the first group.

    1. That knucklehead who hit big many years ago from WV, I think, had a decent bankroll prior to hitting the number. Owned his own construction biz. Bought his granddaughter like 9 cars, blew hundreds of thousands at titty bars and hookers, got robbed a few times and mickyed, by strippers, natch. GD ended up od'ing along with a friend. Having money prior, didn't help him any.


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