Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Making food in a lab is okay with you? I'll pass...

The Italian government has approved a draft law that would ban food grown in laboratories, including artificial meat, as it seeks to “safeguard our nation’s heritage”. Under the ban, which needs to be passed in both houses of parliament, those who produce, export or import food grown from animal cells would face fines of up to €60,000 and risk having their manufacturing plants closed.
Coldiretti, Italy’s biggest farmers’ association, has lobbied for the ban, arguing that homegrown produce needs to be shielded from “the attacks of multinational companies”. The production of cell-based food, which supporters argue avoids the need for animals to be killed and is - according to them anyway - 'better for the environment', has not yet taken off in Europe, and it is expected to be years before such products appear on supermarket shelves anywhere outside of Asian markets.

Applying Joe logic - In China and a number of other third-world countries where there's way too many people - because there's no work, so all they pretty much have to do all day is fuck - and  where natural food production is limited, this kind of thing may be appealing. Besides -  they eat fuckin' bugs and bats already, so something like this ain't gonna bother 'em...

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