Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hey - it's better than crossing the Rio Grande. At least the view is better...

Two Cuban 'migrants' (the new catch-all phrase it seems) used a motorized hang glider to fly the approximately 90 miles from the Communist-ruled island to Key West on Saturday, Florida officials said. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office said the duo landed safely at Key West International Airport at about 10:30am and were turned over to the US Border Patrol, the AP reports. A Border Patrol official announced the flight and posted photos in a tweet.
Overwhelmed by Cubans and other migrants arriving at the Mexican border and into Florida by boat, the Biden administration in early January implemented a policy change that makes them request a permit, or parole, online before arriving with the sponsorship of a relative or acquaintance in the US. 

Those who arrive without doing that risk deportation.

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  1. Send them back. Don't care where they are from, we are full.


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