Friday, March 24, 2023

Did she really need that Maserati?

A husband in North Carolina looking to surprise his wife with a new car for her birthday was the one who ended up being surprised when he found out months later the vehicle had been stolen, falsely advertised, and sold to him.
Jason Scott, an Army veteran in Moore County, spent more than $68,000 for what he thought was a 2021 Maserati SUV from Carvana in November 2022, only to find out last month that their vehicle was not at all what they thought, WTVD Raleigh-Durham reported.
According to the report, the couple took their car to be serviced at a local Maserati dealership in February and learned from the facility the VIN on the car, window, and door didn’t match. The facility concluded the vehicle was a stolen 2017 Maserati.“It was exciting for it to be coming down the hill, waiting for it outside, everything was fine,” Scott told the outlet, but then mechanics inspected the vehicle, and “that’s when they found out that the vehicle was stolen.”
Carvana wouldn't give him a rfund, so he's suing them for a million bucks. Hopefully he'll prevail.

I'm still trying to figure out why it was important to report that he's an Army veteran, but I guess that's a story for another day...

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