Wednesday, February 8, 2023

They've lost their marbles in Beantown. Does this shit have an ending?

Two high school students, Damani Williams and Denilson Fanfan, as well as University of Massachusetts student and Black Lives Matter organizer Carrie Mays, 22, will serve on Boston's reparations task force. 
It remains unclear what expertise the two high schoolers may provide, but Mays gained local attention in 2020 when she helped organize a Black Lives Matter protest in the city. She later said the message resonated with her because her family was once stopped at gunpoint, causing her personal trauma. 
Working with seven other colleagues, these young members will make recommendations in June 2024 'for truth, reconciliation and reparations addressing the city of Boston's involvement with the African slave trade,' according to recently-passed legislation.


  1. So for diversity they'll also appoint a bunch of guys from Southie and a few KKK Grand Dragons, right?

  2. I wonder if the 11th graders can read and write?


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