Saturday, February 4, 2023

It's not exactly balmy here in Florida, but up north? Holy crap...

So much for 'global warming', huh? No wonder they changed the 
name to climate change - but then again, is this climate change or just really, REALLY fuckin' cold up there? - The blast of Arctic air continues to create deadly weather throughout the north east as temperatures recorded at Mount Washington made the peak as cold as Mars. The temperature of minus 110 Fahrenheit broke the previous record of 103 as NASA's observatory reports that weather on the red planet was a relatively pleasant minus 105 Fahrenheit this week. Mount Washington Observatory meteorologist Francis Tarasiewicz told WMUR: 'It's really an amazing day, an awe-inspiring day and actually a bit of a frightening moment.' Temperatures are expected to rise to 48 in New England on Sunday. Residents in Boston woke up to the coldest morning since 1957. 

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  1. Wind chill, people - wind chill is NOT the actual temperature, but a "calculated" number of what it would feel like at a no-wind temperature.
    Lying sacks of crap.


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