Monday, January 30, 2023

Your daily 'crock of shit' report...

When liberal media locks on to an idea - no matter how friggin' crazy it is - they like to embellish the bullshit. 
Here's a perfect example of story manipulation: 

Sometimes, you have to read it to believe it. Not the fuckin' nonsense they're spewing, but the fact that somebody had the balls to write it and then an editor said 'Yeah - let's run with it..."
This article starts out with this overblown, ridiculous assertion: "The evidence that gas stoves are bad for human health has grown so staggering over the last few years that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced that it would consider banning the appliances."
Is that an electric flame is see under that wok?

Just when you've reached the point where you thought you'd seen all the bullshit liberal tree-huggers can trow at you, there's this. And they find one asian-looking guy who may actually own an electric wok (what self-respecting real asian chef would use one?) and it's actually a selfie from the guy himself.See for yourself:

PS: The story was sponsored by The 11th Hour Project. This outfit - funding by a tech multi-billionaire - is the main grant-making vehicle of the incredibly left-of-center Schmidt Family Foundation of former Alphabet (Google) CEO Eric Schmidt.


  1. I've watched countless seasons of Beat Booby Flay and other chef shows. There are NO conservatives on any of these; nor are their guests.

  2. They're so full of it. Gas rules. All real chefs know that.