Monday, August 15, 2022

When did every one of these illegals become 'asylum seekers?

 It was probably around the same time 'Global Warming' 
became 'Climate Change'... 
If the words you're using don't work, change the words 
and you change the meaning of the message.
Another busload of border-crossers from Texas arrived in the Big Apple 
on Sunday morning — as a top city official ripped the Lone Star State governor’s policy and a former New York gov called it “brilliant.”
Thirty-one mask-wearing, young-adult migrants got off a white bus about 7 a.m. at Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal amid the ongoing public war of words between GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Dem Mayor Eric Adams’ administration about the bussed border-crossers.
City Hall’s head of Immigrant Affairs, Manuel Castro, on Sunday said the latest “bus full of asylum seekers coming from Texas” was part of a shameful “political ploy.
“We have serious issues about the way Gov. Abbott is treating asylum-seekers, especially because this is supposed to be a voluntary bus ride, and it appears that it’s not,” Castro told reporters at the Manhattan facility.
The commissioner was apparently referencing reports about sick and unfed migrants, as well as those who were forced to come directly to New York City without stopping despite asking to get off the bus in Tennessee.
“We’re calling into question what Gov. Abbott is doing. This is a political ploy,” Castro said.
“In previous buses, people were sick, hungry, they had been through a lot. … There have been a lot of issues on the way here. As you may have heard, one individual, or many individuals, wanted to get off earlier, but the bus [driver] was refusing to.”

The influx of migrants - many of whom are reportedly pursuing political asylum in the US - to the five boroughs has left city officials scrambling to provide shelter for the homeless newcomers, which is required by law.
But ex-New York Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat, said he is impressed by Abbott’s political maneuvering, explaining that it put Adams in a bind.
“The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has come up with … one of the most brilliant political strategies I’ve heard in a long time,” Paterson said during an appearance on WABC 770’s “Cats Roundtable” that aired Sunday.
Did you forget he's blind? 

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  1. Abotts actions are a political ploy, but leaving the border wide open isn't?
    Fuck YOU, Manuel Castrato, and the jackass you rode in on.



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