Monday, August 15, 2022

Thankfully, I won't live that long, and I doubt you will either, but they keep doing these stupid 'studies'...

I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it - I gotta get in on this whole 'studies' business. There must be a shitload of money in it somehow. How the fuck can these people possibly know what the fuck is gonna happen in 30 years when they can't predict what's gonna happen an hour from now? Juss' sayin'...

An 'extreme heat belt' will form across the Midwest by 2053, according to a new study, leaving over 100million Americans regularly experiencing days over 125F.
The intense heat belt will cover a stretch of country between the Appalachian mountains in western Kentucky and Tennessee to the eastern portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, and consume nearly all of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Stretches of the Atlantic coast from Georgia to as far north as Delaware will be similarly effected, as well as swaths of Florida, Southern California, and Arizona.
The study was released by the New York City based First Street Foundation as a part of an ongoing series of reports intended to show Americans how their homes could be effected by climate change. Previously the group released studies showing expected flooding and fire damage risks.
The report comes after a crushing heatwave this year killed at least 19 people, according to Fox News, and left the nation sweltering throughout July. The tail end of a summer has also been marked by a string of unprecedented fires and flooding that have killed scores more across the country.
SHE was too darn hot - and that was in 1953...

The study shows that while today eight million Americans face extreme heat at some point throughout the year, in 30 years that number will increase to 107 million people who will face temperatures of more than 125F at least once a year.
Five major metropolitan areas will face those extreme heat dangers, including St. Louis, Kansas City, Memphis, Tulsa, and Chicago.  
According to the study, today's hottest temperatures - which currently strike the country about seven days out of the year - will be present for about 18 days per year across nearly all of the country in 2053. Outside of the heat belt, stretches of the west coast, the gulf coast, and the southeastern Atlantic coast will face days with temperatures dangerously above what those regions are used to. 

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  1. If any of these exaggerations had come close to being true, I might start to worry. None have, so how stupid do they think we are? I don't listen to liars.

  2. Don't worry about Glow Bull Worming: Pfizer is coming out with a vaccine that will fix it all.

  3. Geez, and I'm still recovering from the little ice age that was predicted in the late seventies.

  4. The weatherman is lucky to be 50% accurate when forecasting next weeks weather. No way in hell they know what's going to happen decades from now.

  5. you guys are a pisser - thanks...

  6. Climate claims are 0 for 41 in the last 50 years.

    Weather Dolts cannot tell me if its gonna rain on Tuesday. Immana beleive that crap?



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