Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ghosts? Ain't nobody got time for that...

LAKELAND, Fla. – A Lakeland man was arrested after telling deputies no one was in his home, despite lights turning off and “movement” being heard from inside, Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.
Deputies said they arrived at the home in Lakeland after receiving a tip about April Gonzalez, 29, who had a warrant out for her arrest.
When they reached the house, a man, Jonathan Fowler, 29, left the home and locked the door behind him, according to PCSO. Deputies said Fowler told them no one else was home, and he wouldn’t allow them inside without a warrant.
According to the PCSO’s Facebook page, “That seemed very peculiar given the way in which he quickly locked and closed the door. Even peculiarer (sic) was how the lights began shutting off inside the ‘empty’ residence and movement could be heard coming from within. Must have been termites...or earwigs. Ghosts, maybe.” 

Deputies said they began calling for Gonzalez over their P.A. system, though that didn’t garner any response. However, deputies said when they brought out one of their K9 deputies, Fowler admitted that Gonzalez was inside the home.
According to deputies, they made their way into the home and were finally able to arrest Gonzalez. Fowler was also arrested and faces charges for resisting an officer without violence.
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