Sunday, November 28, 2021

What did Woodrow Wilson do to offend you now?


A New Jersey school district is planning to rename one of its schools named after former President Woodrow Wilson due to what critics say is a legacy of racism.
The Camden school district will rename 90-year-old Woodrow Wilson High School after voting on the measure nearly 18 months ago.
The campaign for change began with a petition on in 2019 before gaining support last summer after George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police, spurring protests nationwide.
A 100-member renaming committee - composed of parents, activists and school officials —- was formed last year to pick a new name. Some names that were considered included the late civil rights activist and US Rep. John Lewis, former President Barack Obama and a former superintendent who recently passed away. 
Other simpler names such as West High School and Camden East High School were also considered, but were tossed out because "nobody could figure out what direction the school was heading".

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