Let's focus on more important things today.

 In case you may have forgotten, let me just say... 

Can't be any  more succinct than that, can I? I really do - I hate everything about politics. ESPECIALLY politicians. 

We gotta get away from politics and COVID and all of the other insane shit that we deal with on a daily basis anymore. Let's look backwards for a little relief.

Music has always been one of the most important things in my life.
That will never, ever change, even as tastes and styles in music change, so does my appreciation of most of it.


The O'Jays had a big hit back in '75 with this one 
that kinda says it all, does't it:

I love music
Any kind of music
I love music, just as
Long as it's grooving
Makes me laugh
Makes me smile all the while
Whenever I'm with you, girl
While we dance, make romance
I'm enchanted by the
Things that you do

I love music
Sweet, sweet music
Long as it's swinging
All the joy that it's bringing
I'm so happy to be
In complete harmony
I love you, girl
And to hold you
So close in my arms
I'm so glad that
You're mine, all mine
Nothing can be better
Than a sweet love song
So sweet, so sweet
So mellow, mellow
When you got the girl
That you love in your arms
Honey, I love you
I love you, yeah
Music is the healing
Force of the world
It's understood by every man
Woman, boy and girl
And that's why
That's why I say
I love music
Any kind of music
I love music
Just as long as it's
Grooving, grooving
Music makes the
Atmosphere so fine
Lights down low
Just me and you
Baby, you know
Especially when you got
A cold glass of wine
Mellow, mellow wine and song
I love music
Any, any kind of music
I love music
Just as long as it's grooving
And I say I love, I love
I love, I love, I love music
Sweet, sweet music
I love, I love, I love
I love, I love music

Both of my grandparents on my Mother's side (Angelo & Minnie above) came over from Italy, so when I was a kid growing up with them in our house and in our lives, the music was mostly Opera (Only Italian operas, of course) and Italian/American crooners like Jerry Vale, Al Martino, Dean Martin (of course), Ezio Pinza.

Louis Prima and Keely Smith "Black Magic"

On rare occasions when the mood was light and lively, Lou Monte or Louie Prima and Keeley Smith were favorites as well.

We go through batteries like candy around this house for some reason. I had no idea Amazon had their own branded batteries, and these have a 10-year shelf life.

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My parents were both born in the 20's, so 
of course they were Big Band lovers growing up. 

Early on, their tastes went to Orchestras and singers like Bing Crosby and Sinatra. Jimmy & Tommy Dorsey, Xavier Cugat, Glen Miller and the other big bands of the era crafted the soundtrack of their younger days.

My mom & dad - Sophie Mainiero & Dick Jackson at 19 
(before they were married) in '45. 
This was taken that night at the show.

This is from 1945. Here's the story...
My father was home on leave from the Navy and had not yest mustered out after his stint on an LST in the Pacific. He'd been at sea during the Battle of Leyte Gulf - the largest naval conflict in human history.  He comes home to see my Mom (they were not married yet) and wants to take her in to NYC on a date to go dancing to the Jimmy Dorsey Band at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

They take the train in to the city from Newark, NJ where they both lived at the time, and get off at Penn station. They go outside and hail a cab and tell the driver where they wanna go. They're very excited about seeing the band - this was a BIG deal back in those days. After about a 15 minute ride my father pays the cabbie and they go in to the Hotel and go to the show. They have a GREAT time...

From the movie Hollywood Canteen (1944) - 
Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
It's a great date, and after the show they head out to get a cab back to the train station. My father hails one and they get in. He tells the cabby to take them to Penn Station and the cabbie turns around to him and looks at him like he's nuts and says: 'I hate to tell you Buddy, but it's RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET.'
The first cabbie had taken them for a ride and fleeced him for probably a buck and a half by driving around the block a few times! 
The first time I ever bought records for myself, 
these are the two I bought in '69:


Playing them on my Father's Longines Symphonette stereo console in the living got my parents attention, enough so that they bought me my own record player so I could go up to my room and play them.   
So I Google 'Greatest songs of all times' and this comes up:

Here's the link if you're interested:
Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the mag, but I did find the list illuminating in a couple of ways. They included a shitload of songs I've never heard of,  they made it a point to include way too much hip-hop and rap, and it appeared there was no music ever issued bfore 1952 or so. I thought there was quite a bit of seemingly  political correctness and that's kinda weird, too. Anyway, according to them, the number one, single greatest record of all time? Probably wouldn't been my first choice, but it was:


Johnny Cash performing for prisoners at Folsom Prison. 
January 13, 1968. Colorized.


My wife bought one last month. I use it a lot.

See if this isn't something you should have, too:



These days, I'm listening mostly to jazz. I can't hear Stairway to heaven or Welcome to the jungle one more time. My brain most definitely explode. 

The 'classic rock' radio stations have a song rotation that can't be more than a couple dozen of the same old thread-worn bullshit songs we've been hearing for damn near 50 years. Fuck 'em.

And fuck you too, Axl.


If ya need me, I'll be here.

Maybe the best jazz station on the radio and it hails from my home town - go figure:

Here's the streaming link:

Here's another good one from Cal State Long Beach:

Here's that stream link:

You can click on any product you see featured here on the blog to get to Amazon (even the banner above)





  1. Great story about your folks. How did their lives wind up for them. You share snippets about your mother from time to time but not much about your dad. I hope things wound up for them as nice as it started. It did for my folks, although they both died miserable deaths.Oh well, people who were part of the greatest generation deserve all the good that came their way.

    1. and they lived happily ever after. Both died well in to their 80's

    2. Good for them and you too. Nice for a happy ending for deserving folks

  2. I've listened to WBGO for years - it truly is a great station !

    1. check out kjazz Angie - it's very good. nice mix of jazz and blues.

  3. The radio stations out here in Virginia Beach play the same songs constantly. We have a "classic rock" station and a "new rock" station that play the same songs as each other constantly. I have heard the same song play on both stations at the same time!

    I listen to KSHE-95 out of St Louis. They have No Repeat Weekends where no song is played twice. They did that for a week between Christmas and New Years...fantastic music playing. Long forgotten or seldom played hits from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. One of the DJ's has worked at the station for over 40 years! The newest DJ has worked there for 15 years! Check them out on Sundays. Amazing shows and then they play six albums in their entirety in the evening!

  4. I'd li,ke to start a Pirate radio station and just play b-sides...


They have bikinis, I have beers and there's that Powerball jackpot that I'll take all the way to the bank when I hit it tonight.

 Well, two out of three are within easy reach.  A man can dream, can't I...   An extended Saturday Night Rule 5 Interesting tan lines......