Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Hey - wuddya want for YOUR birthday?

 Today is mine, so I was thinking maybe I could have... 

Nah - that ain't gonna happen.
Well that's obviously out of the question, so what's my Plan 'B'?

How about some live Traffic? 
Can I have that?

Traffic Live- the full concert - August 14, 1994 
at Woodstock '94

Like what you're hearing here? 
There's so much more great Live Concert Rock to explore with Amazon Prime Music. 

Find out for yourself - right click on the banner to make it 
open in a new tab and see for yourself:


Scroll down to catch up on my incredibly insightful, unique 
and ridiculous insights in to the sexual and other innuendos in 
Archie Comics. No kidding - go ahead. I'll wait here:


  1. For my birthday a group of my friends went together and got me a Sweater. This even after I had specifically indicated that I wanted a Moaner or a Screamer.


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