Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I don't scare easily

But this broad in particular scares 
the hell out of me.

I hate politics, but man oh man,
Angry white chicks can be crazy...


On the other side of the spectrum are people like my wife.

She makes jewelry and she's REALLY good at it.

Every piece  one of a kind and completely hand-made by her. 
No kidding.

She's been doing it a long time and she's REALLY good at it. She sells the jewelry - in fact sells a LOT of it. Interested for yourself or for a gift? 
Message me here or on FB.



Amongst other things too numerous to mention, 
I do tile work.

They gave me this:

I gave them this in return.

Wuddya think?

Built a coupla houses, too



Cya later.

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