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 'Manhattanhenge' happens a few times a year, when the sun sets directly between the buildings.

A barber cuts a young man's hair in his shop in Mexico. He has worked out of the same shop for more than 40 years, collecting interesting and unique items for his collection along the way.

A woman smiles and dances her way through the Caribbean Carnival Parade.
The parade is held every July in Jersey City, NJ

A father shares a moment with his son during a fireworks show
at the Alaska State Fair last August.
A keeper at the International Animal Rescue center in Borneo, Indonesia transports a group of juvenile orangutans by wheelbarrow to a patch of forest where they will learn skills for the wild.
Gives new meaning to the old phrase...
A VIEW OF THE VATICAN - St. Peter's Basilica appears prominently
in the skyline as the sun sets over Vatican City,
which is located on the west bank of Tiber river.
Twenty-eight live oak trees line the path to Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. Built as a sugarcane plantation in the early 19th century, Oak Alley is now open to the public
Solomon Joseph - Narcissus and Echo, 1895
Pink Flamingos may soon be the new State Bird of Florida.
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